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Medical Sterilization Trays

Committed To Clinical Standards

Sterizign Precision Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer of high quality, custom sterilization trays that are designed to store, protect, transport and sterilize medical devices while meeting standards set by AMMI, AORN, OSHA and FDA. SteriZign medical device sterilization trays have been pre-validated for steam sterilization and washing systems. Our products are tailored to fit each medical device’s unique size, engineering and clinical needs.

Brilliant Branding

SteriZign sterilization trays offer a blend of function and visibility. Every tray is an opportunity to showcase your brand and your products.

Sterizign offers laser etching, screen printing, bright colors and other design features to make your device stand out in any operation room or sterile processing department.

Sterizign offers three options to help guide you through your design development process.


Fully customizable sterilization trays that allow you to choose your own length, height, width, ventilation hole patterns, latches, handles colors, accessories and printing.
Medical Sterilization Trays


Pre-engineered standard sized sterilization trays designed to allow you to add your own brackets, colors, logos and printing.


Ready-to-order sterilization trays in standard sizes for all needs. Add brackets or mat to protect your instruments

Caddies and Accessories

Custom made caddies for screws, implants, and other unique small parts.

Sterilization Trays and Accessories

Purchase sterilization trays, pouch sterilization racks, silicone finger mats and mesh sterilization baskets.

Our Process

Prototype drawings1 to 2 weeks
3D printed proof-of-concept pieces for brackets and device stabilizing2 to 3 weeks
Level One prototypes (no plating)4 to 5 weeks
Level Two prototypes (depends on the type of plating*)5 to 6 weeks
Production orders8 to 10 weeks

* Plating 1 is an industry standard hard coating; Plating 2 is a harder coating that is compatible with all types of decontamination and sterilization processes (two-week process).

Our Commitment

Our daily goal is to provide responsive people, precise and correct designs, and stunning clinically relevant products delivered on time, every time. Here’s how we make sure you get complete satisfaction from start to finish:

Device Analysis

We assess your device's unique characteristics, such as sharp edges or delicate components, and incorporate them into a checklist for comprehensive tray development.

Cycle Compatibility

We evaluate your device's specific cleaning and sterilization cycle requirements to ensure the tray design is materially compatible and effective.

Industry Compliance

We cross-reference industry norms, regulatory guidelines, and best practices to ensure the tray will meet or exceed these standards.

3D Prototyping

For complex designs, we utilize 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to validate concepts, reducing both time and costs in the development cycle.

Client Transparency

Through a web-based platform, we provide transparent access to all key decision points in your project, ensuring alignment with your needs.

Lead Time Assurance

We commit to efficient timelines for various stages of development, from prototype drawings to production orders.

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