SteriZign Sterilization Trays

Instrument Sterilization Trays

Sterizign™ sterilization  trays and organizing accessories are an ideal standard for facilities that need an economical high-quality set of sterilization support devices for their current or new instrument inventories. Intended for properly stabilizing instruments for effective sterilization, and for sterilizing, storing and transporting instruments for use.

Medical Instrument Sterilization Trays

These durable, thoughtfully designed trays help protect delicate instruments, enable optimal steam penetration and deter wet packs. Made from Ultem® polymer, the trays are designed with extra slots and a raised node bottom surface to maximize steam circulation and speed drying. The stackable trays come with protective silicone pin mats and transparent lids for easy instrument identification.

Stainless Steel Mesh Baskets for Sterilization of Medical Instruments

These stackable baskets are available in four sizes and are useful for cleaning and sterilization activities in a department. The frames, handles and mesh are made of 300 series medical stainless steel, and the handles can be flipped to the inside for stacking and space utilization.

Surgical Tray Silicone Finger Mats

These soft non-latex mats line sterilization trays to cushion and protect delicate instruments during sterilization, storage and presentation in the surgical field. Mats are available in custom sizes for specific trays, and in cut-to-fit sizes.

Pouch Sterilization Racks

These 300-series medical stainless-steel racks are available in a loop or peg style and in multiple height and width configurations to discourage over-stacking. They hold pouches on their side edges to maximize sterilant penetration and minimize drying time in steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide gas sterilization cycles.

Silicone Bar Holders

Soft, protective bracing and positioning for delicate instruments.

Instrument Stringers

Made from 300 series medical stainless steel, these durable stringers hold ring-handled instruments open during reprocessing. Seven styles (with two widths in most) provide a variety of dimensions to meet the needs of virtually any facility’s inventory.

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