The Optimyz™ Line

Sterilization Trays

The Optimyz™ Line

This semi-customizable line of sterilization trays offer the best of two worlds. They begin with pre-engineered and pre-validated trays, with standardized sizes, perforations, brackets and latches. These units are then customized with your choice of plating, colors, branding/labeling, and custom-designed silicone inserts to organize and support your unique device during storage, transport and reprocessing. The result is a stunning sterilization tray system that matches your brand, is ready in a short timeframe, and has already been independently validated to ensure sterilization for your new device. These systems are also pre-engineered to assure practical, ergonomic functionality for your clinical end users.

Optimyz™ Microsurgical, Endoscopy and Accessory Trays

These composite sterilization tray systems are specifically designed to protect and enable sterilization of rigid and flexible endoscopes, endoscopic tools and accessories, and micro-instruments and forceps. Their patented Micralox® plating is validated for all current methods of sterilization. Standard sizes and configurations are available through selected distributors, or they can be tailored to meet the configuration needs of individual medical devices.

Optimyz™ FeaturesBenefits to Users
Proprietary perforation design optimizes penetration for greater steam exposure to contentsReduces risk of a failed sterilization cycle and resulting lost time, supplies, utilities and productivity
Unique bottom perforations enable faster, easier drainage and maximize flexibility for bracket/insert placementsReduces the chances of a “wet pack” which can require repeated reprocessing
Lighter overall weight with loaded instrumentsMakes it easier to maintain 25-lb weight restrictions and is more ergonomic for end users. OSHA recommends lower tray weights
Smoother finishes and soft rounded corners for less abrasion Reduces the risk of tearing sterile wraps and gloves when handling cassettes
Stackable design for secure placementStackable design for secure placement Enables compact storage and more secure transport
Quality durable coating permits use in steam, hydrogen peroxide and ethylene oxide processesProvides more flexible sterilization applications and a lighter-weight metal container
Option of laser, standard or silkscreened printing processes Assures desired branding look and feel, and clear, crisp labeling and identification for end users

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