The Kustomyz™ Line

Sterilization Trays

Kustomyz™ Elite Design and Manufacturing

This fully customizable line of sterilization trays allows medical device innovators to create the ideal organization, storage, transport and sterilization system for each of their unique devices. Designed specifically for more complex instrument sets, they are engineered from start to finish around the devices, implants and/or screws they protect. Customers can select options within the following design elements: tray dimensions, brackets, latches, handles, coating, finish colors, and labeling and branding.

Kustomyz™ Line

Kustomyz™ FeaturesBenefits to Customers and Users
Outstanding clinical experienceOur design team has extensive experience at designing for clinical environments and users. They are trained to identify potential design risks, and to meet or exceed sterile processing standards such as those of AORN, AAMI, IAHCSMM, and ASTI. Our goal for each design is a stunning, highly functional system that assures the success of the medical device developer and the device’s end users.
Engineering designWe use the most current computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies that interface with all standard format engineering programs and assure a seamless transition from design to production.
Graphic designSteriZign offers three types of branding/labeling capabilities, including:

Sanford printing – specialty dye-based inks are selectively deposited into the tray’s anodic cells and are then sealed closed to prevent delamination or peeling. This process has been validated for all current cleaning, high-level disinfection and sterilization methods, including high pH detergents.
Silk screening – Ink is deposited through a custom-designed screen directly onto the surface of the item. This process is an industry standard typically used for logos and branding. Our elite-quality provider creates your unique custom screen quickly, which maintains a cost-effective, speedy production process.
Laser etching – this imprinting process can be used for Level I and Level II hard coatings. Since we have the same provider for laser etching and our premium anodic coatings, we are able to achieve unparalleled laser printing quality.
FinishesAnodizing – In addition to the standard type II and III finishes, our provider offers a patented process that is stronger than Type III, and capable of maintaining finish quality even after many exposures to high pH detergents and sterilization processes.
Nylon coating – this finish is used for brackets, to provide the durability of metal with the soft look and feel of plastics. It is a medical-grade coating that resists cracking and peeling even after repeated exposures to heating and cooling.
LatchesThree options provide for all securing needs and tray sizes. Customers can select an over-center latch or two low-profile latches. Each latch is individually inspected to ensure optimal quality and reliability.
PerforationsSteriZign Kustomyz systems’ large perforations are designed to optimize sterilant penetration and drainage during reprocessing. We offer two standard styles, but can also design a unique perforation shape and repeat for your own look.
Brackets Four different types of material are available: high durometer medical grade silicone; nylon-coated stainless steel or 6061 aluminium alloy; Radel® thermoplastic; and Tecapro™ polypropylene brackets and caddies.

General Features and Benefits

Kustomyz™ FeaturesBenefits to Users
Proprietary or custom perforation designs optimize sterilant penetration for greater steam exposure to contentsReduces risk of a failed sterilization cycle and resulting lost time, supplies, utilities and productivity
Unique bottom perforations enable faster, easier drainage and maximize flexibility for bracket/insert placementsReduces the chances of a “wet pack” which can require repeated reprocessing
Lighter overall weight with loaded instrumentsMakes it easier to maintain 25-lb weight restrictions and is more ergonomic for end users. OSHA recommends lower tray weights
Smoother finishes and soft rounded corners for less abrasionReduces the risk of tearing sterile wraps and gloves when handling cassettes
Stackable design for secure placementEnables compact storage and more secure transport
Quality durable coating permits use in steam, hydrogen peroxide and ethylene oxide processesProvides more flexible sterilization applications and a lighter-weight metal container
Options for laser, standard or silkscreened printing processesAssures desired branding look and feel, and clear, crisp labeling and identification for end users

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